Hi everyone, my name is Kristen and I'm from Sønderborg, Denmark. I was nearly lured into joining the dark side, when the so called digital (photography) revolution swept across the globe.

For some reason I hadn't been using my 35mm gear for about a decade, but at some point I became interested in photography again. I figured that digital was the future and I bought some of that entry level digital SLR stuff. At first I was thrilled. Wow! I could view the results immediately. I could simply just delete bad shots. Snap, snap, snap! And snap some more.

I rode the wave for a while, but felt no joy – this was not what I remembered photography to be like. Since I'm here on APUG, you can all guess what happened next

Now, I've even exposed my very first roll of 120 ever and am waiting for it to come back from the lab. I've also just exposed my first roll of FP4 in 20 years and will be developing it myself in the next couple of days (also a first in about 20 years). I'm so exited – like a child on Christmas eve

I'm so glad to have discovered this forum. Seems like there's still a healthy number of people interested in analog photography. I just really, really hope that the future medium of photography is not digital alone.