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No keyholes as standard, but we can add some if you want. The display should be OK provided the timer isn't next to your tray - I don't think there's enough light to bounce around significantly, but as I don't use sheet film I've not been able to test it. I'll ask Chris to do some experiments as he uses 5x4 now and then. Could you place the timer out of the way of the trays but where you can still see the display - on a shelf beneath your work surface for example? Come to think of it I loaded some rollfilm into a tank next to it last night and there's no evidence on the negs of any ill effects.
I could experiment wit location but this will probably go next to an existing Zone VI Compensating Timer. It could go in place of it but I already have it so I'm sure I'll keep it for timing something...washing perhaps. Something that is going on at the same time.

FWIW, the volume of the beep and the illumination of the display are both adjustable on the Zone VI. Even dialed all the way down, I find the display on it too bright when my eyes are accustomed to the darkness. I have a gel I put over it then.