It's convenient to have a selection of "graduates" to work with ranging from fairly large to fairly small, but you can also spend a lot of money buying them. Some suggestions:

1. I have a couple of 1 liter (1 quart) graduates. One is a pyrex measuring cup , while the other is polyethelene and came with the collection of formula bottles that we bought when our first son was born. He's 27 now so we don't need it for that purpose anymore.

2. I also have several 4 ounce plastic graduates. These originated as drinking glasses dispensed during the hospital stay when that same son was born.

3. I have a bunch of one ounce graduates - used originally as pill dispensers during the same hospital stay.

(Hey - they hospital treats this stuff as one-short, throw away.)

4. Over the years I have also purchased a couple of 2 zounce glass graduates at garage sales. These were originally intended for scientific mixing of cocktails. Is that an oxymoron, or what?

5. Finally, I have a really neat 6 ounce glass graduate that I bought at the famous Marine Specialties (Army-Navy) store in Provincetown, MA. It was originally a military grade urine collection container.