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Cosina Voigtlander Bessa series -- Good cameras that seem to be holding up well but often seem to need rangefinder readjustments.

Konica Hexar RF -- Very good camera with a high degree of automation: Auto wind, auto rewind, auto exposure. Also has a full range of manual speeds. Battery dependent.

Zeiss Ikon -- An excellent camera. Battery dependent. Auto exposure with a full range of manual speeds. Excellent viewfinder. Rewind crank is on the bottom of the camera. Light in weight but very solidly built.
I assume you have personal experience with each of these? I'm at the point of decision between the Bessa and the Ikon. This would be my first rangefinder, so the issue is the risk of the price. Both seem relatively easy to re-sell if I found RFs untenable for some reason.

But the Ikon's rep seems more solid.