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I assume you have personal experience with each of these? I'm at the point of decision between the Bessa and the Ikon. This would be my first rangefinder, so the issue is the risk of the price. Both seem relatively easy to re-sell if I found RFs untenable for some reason.

But the Ikon's rep seems more solid.
I have 2 M3 Leicas
(a two stroke and a single stroke). I also have a Zeiss Ikon ZM, I love all 3 of these cameras.

I like the build quality of the Zeiss, the performance and high quality of the Zeiss lenses, the Ikon's long base rangefinder and its meter coupled Copal shutter.

I recently read a scathing report by a photojournalist about his experience with multiple field failures, poor build quality and poor reliability of his M-7 Leica and his similar very negative experiences with a M8 Leica.