No, it's not the same print but it's the same church, but facing the other way. I like the symmetry in the first "brighter" print with the glowing doorway and I like that it's more overall high contrast (nice highlights, nice shadows). But I like the darker one facing toward the alter too. They're a nice little pair together.

I only did two prints because I felt lazy making those pictures. I didn't nicely mask off the paper and it wasn't on 8x10 paper like I normally send out and it wasn't mounted. I didn't do paper niceties because I now realise the paper I was using is for some reason reacts radically different to what I was using previously (same brand, same paper name, different cyanotype reactions, I've now done side-by-side tests). I got frustrated and got sloppy.
Also, my sincere apologies for not acknowledging receiving your print earlier. I've been admiring the interesting wall picture and shown it to a few friends over the last two weeks too. Thank you.

I believe we're still eagerly awaiting Allen's prints? I'm looking forward to seeing a gum over platinum! No pressure, Allen