Excuse my ignorance, but was is Argus Day?

I know what is Argus but not the "day".
Oops, sorry, almost missed your question. Since 2001, a group calling itself the "Argus Collectors Group" has organized a one day event, "Argus Day," where one is supposed to go out and take photos with an Argus camera. They have picked a date of August n, 200n, so last year it was August 7th. They have gotten cute and referred to the day as "Argust 7th" or whatever. (Not sure if it is planned to be mn for 20mn when we hit 2010.)

It appears to be a fairly small group and so far I've seen nothing about an event for this year -- which should fall on Argust 8th , according to the algorithm. Anyhow, I've shot a roll with my C3 for Argus Day the last two years, so this year it could work for both events.

The ACG does have some repair manuals online which I found handy for doing a CLA on my C3.