As a Leica-phile, I feel it is my duty to point out that the best thing about a leica, IMHO, is its ability to quietly, inconspicuously, and easily allow you to take a photo in just about any lighting situation. Which means that you will eventually want a fast lens. And the leica fast lenses are probably the best in existence(again, purely my opinion). The bottom line is that an f/4 lens on a leica is akin to putting tire chains on a Porsche. I would recommend a prime lens - probably the 35 or 28. And at least f/2 in speed. If you can afford the 35/1.4 or the 35/2, you will probably never need another lens in that focal length.

I used Nikons for 20 years (and still do for stuff like closeups), and I always would stop down few clicks when I wanted a truly crispy negative. The beauty of the Leica glass is that the lenses are pretty outstanding (for the most part) when they are wide open. And they get even better stopped down. The lens you mentioned is certainly a fine lens, but it is slow. However, the fast leica prime lenses will allow you to use the camera the way it was designed to be used, and sometimes will produce results for you wouldl never get with any other system.

two cents worth of opinion.

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As always I received some excellent advice on Leica cameras before I made my purchase.

Now I would like to ask for opinions on the LEICA 28-35-50MM F4 ASPH TRI ELMAR.

Does anyone have any experience with this lens? I'm thinking about getting this to go along with the 90mm ASPH/APO that I picked up with the camera.