I use an Ilex #4 with my 19" red dot. Make sure to purchase a shutter tester and calibrate the shutter. You should calibrate every shutter you use especially when shooting 12x20 with the cost of film. I put pencil marks on the shutter dial for the speeds e.g. 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc. All Ilex shutters vary in actual speed from the markings on the dial regardless of when they have last been CLAed. A good service technician will give you a calibration sheet when a shutter is CLAed, but Ilex shutters may vary with use or age. You should always fire an Ilex shutter a couple of times at the desired speed before exposure to get the most accurate exposure. Copal shutters are more accurate but are much more expensive. Pay someone to do the mounting. Other posts here mention a couple of options.


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I'm trying to figure out the best shutter for my "new" 19" Apo Artar barrel lens. In a previous post someone said it would work with an Ilex 4. And I can't find it, but I think I saw somewhere that a copal 3 would work as well. I'm getting ready to use the 12x20 I bought recently, and as soon as the doc gives me the go-ahead to lift the weight (I recently had a lung transplant), I'm going to go for it.
Also, can I put the lens into the shutter myself, or does it take some special skill/tools?
Can someone enlighten me on this issue?