I'm bumping this up again. It is getting closer to the workshop. I have been talking to some of the local pro photographers. One in particular is in with two other guys and own a local photography gallery. They will be attending and meeting thos who attend. To my surprise there are now 3 photo galleries in Springdale. for a town of 350 people that is quite a few.

I have been asked about sources for groceries. Hurricane about 20 minute drive away has large grocery stores to rival anything you would find in a large city. In Springdale there are several small grocery stores, and one organic/ orchard /deli shop. The town has many fine gourmet restaurants, and everything in between including two pizza places.

Temperatures will be cool to cold at night with possibilities of snow if it has a passing storm front. The snow will melt before noon if it even happens. What will be the temperatures most times during the day, are moderate to very nice. dress in layers so that when the day is around 60 F you can take some layers off. During the evening it can drop down to the 20's to 30'sF