Had a great time Geary! It was fun to meet so many apuggers. Funny thing is I know of 8 who were not there. Next time I bet they show up. I loved Mateo's Uranium/cyanotype prints. Of course hubby type made the statement "No you are not doing Uranium!" on the way home. Our own TomTom has some exciting news for everyone here. She works at the local photo store in Berkeley. They are going to offer mail order to us apuggers. I'll let her tell the particulars. The sharing of photos was very enjoyable. So many really good prints that just do not show as well on line as they do in person. Hugs to all 10 who were there, and I promise not to talk so much next time.

Oh yeah and Geary has a really nice darkroom. He can be proud of all the hard work.