Hi Gary,

I've used a Focomat V35 for years; bought it used from a fellow LUG member about 15 years ago. It was still fairly expensive then, even used, but I got a LOT of extras with it including both the variable contrast module and color module. Regarding the original 40mm lens...it's a pretty good lens, but quite a few years ago I swapped it out for a Schneider APO-Componon HM 40mm lens and, in my testing, it pretty much trounched the Leitz lens. On smaller prints--say 5x7--the difference wasn't that noticeable, but at sizes such as 12x18 the difference was VERY noticeable especially in the corners! The Schneider optic certainly wasn't cheap, but worth every penny for extracting every last detail out of those wonderful Leica negs!

Good luck with your V35. I'm sure you'll enjoy it for years to come. BTW, I've read of many others trusting the autofocus mechanism; not me I still use a grain magnifier. I'm kind of anal retentive that way...I want to know for sure that image is as sharp as possible! After all, we are dealing with 35mm here.