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BTW - what is zeybek?
Zeybek was a subculture in the Ottoman empire, whose dances were adopted and modified by both Greeks and Turks. One of their warrior dance, was the influence for a solo dance by Greek people of the working class and the underground in port cities, Istanbul and Izmir and after the end of the greco-turkish war and the exchange of civilizations, in Athens mostly but also in Salonica and other cities. It is tied to the music and subculture of "rembetika" and is a solo, improvisation dance, of mascullinity and mostly sorrow, often slow and heavy. It used only be to dance by one man alone, often resulting to a fight if another stepped in the space before the dancer was done. The dancer used to own the stage, yet danced for himself and never for others. The only exception is the variation by two dancers, which is also choreographed. It was and still is the prefered dancing expression of workers, criminals, soldiers and people down in their luck.
Unfortunately nowadays it has been corrputed to a common dance, done by anybody, usually in a cheerful way with lots of movement and jumping, by people who don't feel it at all and women in high heels.
As much as I like women, in high heels even, as much as I push equality for all human beings, this is one dance, that the bourgeoises and women need to prove their are worth doing it. Its not a dance to be taken lightly.
Including myself.