I am thinking of making a camera trigger, usefull for wild-life and high-speed photographers but, not only. I would like to ask for your feedback regarding the features of the trigger.

Below is a brief description of the features and functionality of the trigger. The trigger should consist of the following modules:

1. sensors - lasers, sound, lightning sensors
2. controller unit
3. mechanical actuators
4. connection cables with weather sealed XLR connectors

The controller unit will accept 2 sensors (inputs) and will be able to trigger 4 cameras (outputs) at once. It will have a nice 4x20 character backlit LCD display, and the whole thing would be weather sealed.

Each sensor will generate a trigger event (laser beam broken, sound level above a treshold ...) which is interpreted by the controller. The controller is checking it's triggering criteria, which can be a logic function: OR or AND (one of the laser beams or both beams broken), or a sequencial function: A->B (laser beam A broken than whitin 500ms, laser beam B broken too), or B->A.

After the triggering criteria is fulfilled, the controller will execute the triggering sequences for each on its outputs independently.

Most of the cameras today have an electronic shutter release (Nikon F5, F4, F100, F90), but since many high-speed photographers will use LF cameras, it will be possible to attach mechanical actuators to the outputs of the controller to trigger any camera.

What do you think, would there be a market for such a product. I am going to make at least one (for myself), but if anybody interested, let me know.