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The water temp was 102F. I did finally get it dissolved, but it took a bit more work than I expected. This was my first time withthe powered chemicals - I never had any problems with the liquid concentrate kits.
I've used both dry and liquid. I have no idea why you've had trouble with the stabilizer. I've mixed everything without any problem, however, I will admit to not paying much attention to the stabilizer - only that there was nothing out of the ordinary to direct my attention to the mixing process. I'll pay more attention next time.

I've been trying to use more dry chemicals, for the far greater shelf life when unopened. I usually use the Tetenal CN2 Liquid kit... replacing air in the opened bottles with butane, and shelf life is not bad .... but I have the Press Kit on hand, for the times when I cannot wait to re-order and obtain "good" chemistry.