Brad -

There are a number of options - the Jobo system is great (but expensive). BTZS tubes are supposed to be very good, but I've not tried them. The Unicolor drum trick is also popular - I tried it once and ruined four sheets of film. Tray processing is the old classic - it's very simple and works well, but you so stand a chance of scratching the film.

This summer I was in a workshop with Chip Forelli where he let us try his slosher. This is a plexiglass insert that fits into an 11x14 tray and holds 6 sheets of 4x5. The basic idea is to the tray into six distinct compartments so that you can develop up to six sheets at a time without any chance at all of scratching - because the sheets never touch each other. There are commercial options available, but Chip had made his own from plexiglass, and when I came home from the workshop, I also made one. Just finished processing six sheets a few minutes ago and they came out perfect.

If you are interested, send me a private e-mail and I will forward the drawing that I made up in preparation for constructing mine.