We really have a great bunch of APUG photographers in the Bay Area! I truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet, mingle and see the work of some really talented folks.

Everyone's shared portfolios were really wonderful. The community of work showed the broad spectrum of visions, processes and formats. We saw Vandykes, PT/PD, Bromoil, silver, hybrids and YES,(!), even Mateo's Uranium prints. Our APUG Galleries are marvelous, but the superlative works suffer online in comparison to actually seeing prints.

One of our APUG'ers significant other's brought some simply stunning micro/macro digital work of plants and flowers. The images were beautifully "other worldly" showing the amazing patterns of nature in miniscule realities. But, digital or not, who cares, the technical aspects were entirely overshadowed by the artistry!

I was most impressed that the work was not driven by the processes. The visions and compositions were supported by the processes.

Aggie brought her full plate camera to show. Her print of Delta draw bridge evoked many interpretations. Tomtom brought some working/learning Vandykes that show great promise. Mateo's various alternative processes work really challenged our preconcepts of how we expected prints to look. Wfwhitaker has a remarkable portfolio of very well done images in a broad array of subjects and formats. I could cover my walls with Jon's North Coast images, (one of my most favorite areas in the world!). Grahamp shared several marvelous images, but I was most taken by a stunningly visual shot of circular interior. We, unfortunately, didn't get to see bjourke's work, he had to leave a bit early, but his attendance was enjoyed by all!

Great folks, wonderful work and a willingness to openly was my wife's and my pleasure to be able to host such a gathering! A special thanks to Jon, (& most charming companion), and Mateo for making long drives to participate! We will definitely drive this group back together as often as possible.