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A MODERN pig farm if its waste management system is working properly and has a well tuned lagoon (lots of good bacterial munching away) isn't that bad. ...

And by the way, there is a long history of nudity and pigs in art. Porky Pig never wore pants.
Locally, we have a pig farm which is absolutely CLEAN. The farmer told me you can walk around out there with the pigs and your shoes won't get dirty. The meat, of course, is delicious. My wife works at the food co-op, and they were sampling the sausage. Of course, it is very expensive.

Re: Porky. Porky stood on two legs. Remember, Orwell: "Four legs good, two legs ba-a-a-ad." (The sheep said that).

The important thing will be to get the pigs' attention. It would be very cool to have them all looking directly at the camera. I've done this with goats, but haven't had the opportunity with pigs. Yet. I hope you have a very loud whistle. I think it would work better with pigs. I have an image of the soon to be governor of Washington state (former gov, back in the 1980's before the election) and his family with just the back end of a goat in the upper right hand corner, leaving the picture caught by the flash. Goats have attention deficit disorder. All of them.

Feeding the pigs in the nude might be fun.