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Based on your full answer, I've decided that the answer to this question is actually "yes," since that's just what I meant!
Sorry, I must have misunderstood your question when I originally read it. For some reason I thought you were asking if the camera mounted upside down on the bottom end of the leveling base. I just re-read your question, and that's obviously not what you were asking. My mistake.

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That vertical shaft is a handle? I assumed that it went down inside the center column based on the screw holes around the platform. If that's the handle then I have no idea how that item is attached to the tripod. Can you clarify?
The Feisol tripods that support the use of a leveling base all come standard with flat mounting plates. You can remove this flat plate and replace it with either a center column, or a leveling base (but not both at the same time). The center column, leveling base and flat plate all mount to the tripod in the same manner. The photo shows the LB-75100 leveling base for the CT-3371 and CT-3471 tripods. In this case, the leveling base (and other options) are attached to the tripod using three screws. You can see two of the three countersunk mounting holes in the photo. For the other models that support the use of a leveling base, the flat plate, center column and leveling base fit within a recess in the top of the tripod and are held in place from the side using three set screws.

I hope that answers your question. If not, please let me know.

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