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I have 2 M3 Leicas
(a two stroke and a single stroke). I also have a Zeiss Ikon ZM, I love all 3 of these cameras.

I like the build quality of the Zeiss, the performance and high quality of the Zeiss lenses, the Ikon's long base rangefinder and its meter coupled Copal shutter.

I recently read a scathing report by a photojournalist about his experience with multiple field failures, poor build quality and poor reliability of his M-7 Leica and his similar very negative experiences with a M8 Leica.
Tom could it be that the M7 has a electric shutter and the M8 isn't even a M series camera it is a point and shoot as far as I'm concerned. I have read reports on pre M7's having been completely drenched in water and let to dry out and fuctioned perfectly for the next 7 years. His Nikon didn't weather as well.

Michael Andersen