You have obviously given a great deal of thought to this. I am not sure that I understand all about what you have written and for that reason I do have some questions. I will also give you my thoughts.

1. As I understand, you have two sensors controlling four cameras, why would you not have four sensors controlling those four cameras? How will your logic unit determine which of the cameras on a given sensor channel to fire? I once had a multifunction back on a 35 mm camera years ago and I did use it trip the shutter at some remote event. I did work up a nighttime skiing shot that utilized a sound trigger to fire strobes to expose and stop the skier with the background mountain lit by natural light, in that instance the device you envision would have been of appeal. If I were wanting to build something such as this I would build this as a modular unit in which I made available the logic unit, individual sensors, (sound, motion, light) and the control units so that the prospective purchasers would have the ability to decide what they wanted and needed. (More customization would appear to be appealing).

2. I work in large format and while I can't speak for all LF users, I would find this device to be of limited appeal to my applications. I don't use LF to do wildlife photography and the shutter speeds on the LF shutters do not lend themselves to high speed photography (unless one uses strobes). I would find this more appealing if I were shooting 35 mm or even possibly 2 1/4. It would lend itself to a camera system that had the availability of motor drive for film advance. (that is not the case with LF or even most MF).

If it were me and I had the idea that you have and had a burning desire to see where it would take me, then I would contact people like National Geographic for contact with their photographers. I would think that this would be appealing to those folks who spend interminable hours in swamps and jungles. It would seem to be more fun to hang around inside the tent and sip mint julips then to get my butt eaten off by mosquitos. Good luck, sounds like you have something there.