Hi All,
I used to shoot 35mm a lot in the past. Never great at it but I had fun!! Then for some reason I stopped? And 9 years ago My family and I were Christmas shopping and had a car accident where my 7 year old son was killed and 5 year old twin brother and sister were in a coma for a couple of weeks and I had a broken neck in 3 places and a really broken skull and my brains were coming out of the cracks. A life flight later I had a total of 3 brain surgeries and had almost the right side of my brain either removed or lost the use of! And was in a coma for 40 days. I'm sort of OK now? little to no short term memory and that makes it hard to learn things!! I'm here to try!! I hope you all don't get too sick of my simple questions? About all this photography.
I only say all this not for any Pitty but for understanding of my questions here!!
Thanks for the site and info,