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Why would you say that?
well most point and shoots are rangefinders with the newest ones not even having viewfinders, I do own a Leica D-Lux 2 for family vacation pictures and to use at parties.
But if you really are going to use a Digi camera for work you are fooling yourself to think digi range finder. you can get a nikon which will hold two 4 gig cards and shoot in raw faster than anyother camera till the next camera out does them. so Leica has been the name in film range finders forever, but I guess if you are rich and want a yuppie digi range finder I guess that is the way to go. I didn't even get a M7 even as good as they are because I wanted less electric on my camera so i got the M6. Just like my 2 1/4 I had a Rollie 2003 all electric and fully auto if I wanted but I traded it for a hassey 500 C/M and lesses. Love the fact there is no battery to charge or replace. Same with the M6 less battery for only the meter and still can use the camera without it and a hand meter. Just my thoughts and most time they are warped so please don't get mad. I just have a differnet outlook on some things. Most people don't see it.
Michael Andersen