Thanks for the welcomes and kind words!! I hope that getting back into photography helps me get exercise walking and helps me to reduce the strong depression I have to deal with since then. I have a Friend in New Zealand that has had 2 strokes and can't use his Minolta SRT-100 camera and is sending to me!! I have a Minolta XG-1 that needs a repair of the film advance? And a new lens now my 14 year old son trashed it Big Time!! And where is the best place to buy film now and what is a good film to buy? My wife and I are both on SS disability and that money don't go far after a 725 mortage payment and all the other bills and food are done!! I wonder IF there's a person or persons that live about 70 miles from me that could be a friend to talk about cameras and maybe help me fix the XG-1??? Oh another problem I have now is Long posts and replies!! And spelling and construction of sentences and what not of the English/American!!