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Terry, I'm certainly sorry to hear of your misfortunes.
You'll find that Photography has changed monumentally since your accident.
Film based photography is essentially a dying art, now almost exclusively practiced only by those of us who spent years of our lives learning (and sometimes perfecting) the technical aspect of the process.
Film is OUT -- Digital is IN, which in your case it may be a particularly good thing, because (like Polaroid of old) everything is instantaneous, and thus your short-term memory will be much less of a problem.
I will probably get fried for saying this, but I would suggest that you go with the flow and take up digital photography and forget about (sorry about the pun) conventional photography as you once knew it.
Hi Bill I have a Sony digi camera and 2 things about I don't like or get used to is The view finder is a large LCD? I keep putting it up to my eye like a SLR and holding out like it's supposed to be used I have a hard time trying to compose the photo! And try to set it to manual control and try to use it that way is a PITA!! I'd like to try to relearn using it so when I get the Minolta from New Zealand Friend I won't waste film and cost of it and developing cost!! I never learned the darkroom skills. And now can't afford to start a darkroom for color or B&W? I have to check on prices of used equipment and Chemicals. I have a friend that lives with us and she has the experience in the darkroom I need to learn. Maybe this site might do a For Sale Forum?