Hey everyone. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I didn't want to irk either B&W or color guys by posting in the wrong forum. I know that making B&W prints from B&W negs isn't optimal, but I am in a crunch and need to do some because I need to blur out some faces in some pictures I am printing for a newspaper, something that obviously can't be done at a one-hour photo. Is there an easy way of making B&W prints? I was thinking of trying to get some RA-4 paper and printing it in Dektol (but in pitch black of course). Is this the only option I have, or is there some filter pack that will make for good prints on conventional B&W paper? I don't think I have the proper equipment for making B&W internegs or the money for that matter. Thanks for your help.

~Karl Borowski