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Kerry, I finally understand, or at least I think I understand these heads.

Can you tell me the angle these heads allow, as in can you tilt the camera say 15 or is it closer to 30? I'm trying to get a handle on whether this type of head would generally be suitable for a view camera?

This arrangement appears to be quite compact for travelling with, which is one aspect that is a major concern for myself.


The range of motion of the leveling bases is limited to about 10 - 15 degrees in any direction. I know some people use them as a replacement for a tripod head, but that's not really their intended use. Of course, I also know one or two large format photographers that don't even use a head at all and just adjust the length of the tripod legs combined with camera movements to get the composition they desire. Personally I find that a bit limiting.

In terms of weight and compactness, the leveling base is indeed low profile , very sturdy and weighs about 14 oz. If compactness is your main concern, The Feisol CB-50D ballhead will fit nested within the reverse folded legs of the CT-3342/CT-3442 and CT-3372/T-3472 models. Here's a photo of the CB-50D nested within a collapsed CT-3442 leg set:

This ballhead is strong enough to handle most 4x5 cameras (field or monorail), a 5x7 field camera, and perhaps a very lightweight 8x10.

Kerry Thalmann
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