I've been looking for the ideal way of carrying my 2x3" Technika V around the city, and I think I've found it. I wanted a waist pack, because when I met AP photog Bebeto Mathews, I liked the way he could carry a complete kit in a lumbar pack (Canon D20 and three lenses and PDA with basic photo editing functions and a cellular modem for sending files back to the office).

The Kata W-94 easily holds the camera with ergo grip attached, five lenses including the one on the camera, rollfilm back, groundglass back, rain cover for the pack which reverses to a reflective sun shield, loupe, at least 10 rolls of film, rubber hoods, filters, and small odds and ends, and I can organize it differently without the rollfilm back if I want to use Grafmatics. I could probably fit more if I arranged it without the grip attached, but I like having the camera pretty much ready to shoot, and that's about as much as I want hanging off my hips anyway.

Much to my surprise, it was also $10 cheaper in the store at Calumet NYC, including tax, compared to the online price at all the usual mail order places, including Calumet.