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Hello guys.
I am trying to learn the Zone System and have stumbled upon two obstacles:
- I do not have a spotmeter (only a Gossen ambient meter)
- I only use roll film (135,120)
Is it possible to use the ZS with such a set up?
All books I've read, including Adam's Negative assume that you have a spotmeter
and can also adjust the developing of image by will.

I think that one can certainly benefit by using some of the Zone System principles with roll film. If I were doing this without going to the trouble of testing for proper EI, I would cut the advertised speed by one half. I would then decrease the advertised development time by 20%. This will benefit the smaller negatives by reducing grain. I would shoot a film like Efke 25 or 50 and target my development times (if further adjustment is necessary) so that the negative would print at a grade three paper. I would use paper grade changes as expansion or contraction if needed rather then adjusting development at the negative stage.

Once you have a little experience you will find that one can become fairly adept at visually reading the contrast within a scene. Remember that Edward Weston never used a light meter.