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I received a message today from the actual sales rep from the company that makes triacetate film base. They only make the triacetate in 'master roll' sizes -- about 45 inches wide, by 1,850 meters long, by 4.6 mils. I would have to buy 6 master rolls so that comes out to about 6.6 miles. I was under the impression from the initial contact that they sold cut sizes of triacetate. Not so. This is probably more film base than we could use in two lifetimes on such a small scale.

They did suggest other places to look, so I have some more work to do on Monday.

Dark orange, do you know where the machine builder got his base material from?


Bob M.
Ask for a sample. I used to get all kinds of goodies that way. Some companies are really generous with said samples. Be ready for an explanation to the sales department.