So is the pH for the SH-1, or the formalin soln. you add to it? As is indicated, the formula I have is originally in U.S. Customary, so it's possible they just carelessly rounded to the nearest half fluid dram when they converted it from a formula originally written in cgs units, which accounts for the shift down when I converted back. IIRC, it was actually somewhere in between 9.75- and 10mL, and I just rounded to the nearest 250ÁL. I'd assume that the formalin is actually the same in both cases and they just rounded to 40% in the book I have. Converting the amount in a 40% solution to 37% gives about 10.5mL equivalent so that isn't the reason for the difference in the amount. Again, it's probably a matter of my formula having less exact rounding than yours does.

Is the Na-Sulfate in addition to- or as a replacement for the Sodium Carbonate.

I've noticed that there are more than a few examples of Kodak formulae, published by Kodak or allegedly taken straight from Kodak that are modified over time, without any indication.