While I am not trying to interfere with the idea of inexactness here (this is why I like customary units so much), let me point out that it is unfortunate that you have picked units (cups and teaspoons) that have at least four commonly-used units each depending on system or the size of the cup, although the metric equivalent for cups does seem to indicate the U.S. 8-fl.-ounce definition of a cup.

Are you using U.S. teaspoons or the metricized versions that are making rounds? It'd be best to give the metric equivalent of the size of your teaspoon just so as not to introduce variables.

There's also differently sized UK, Australian, and Canadian teaspoons, some 1/3 of a tablespoon, some 1/4, so this unit is particularly messy.

Also, as a final nitpick (sorry!) the Liter is closer to 34 U.S. fl. oz. than 33 (33.8 and change)