I've been using my M5 almost exclusively for the past several months. Having been a news photog and fashion shooter years ago I can see why the wizards at Leica designed the M5 the way they did. IMHO the design is far superior to the other M's for professional shooting. At least in those arenas anyway. I can change the shutter speed and f-stops without having to take the camera away from my eye or move my right hand away from it's normal shooting position and the spot meter is deadly accurate. I even like the 2 lug design I have because when I have the camera either around my neck or over my shoulder it doesn"t swing the way a normal lug design does. I realize most M users are hobbyists so speed isn't a major thing for them, but the M5 is a very fast and intuitive camera to use. If I had to go with another M design I suppose it would be the M-4P.