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I use hearing aid batteries. To set the asa I just meter something with my Sekonic. Say it says f16 at 1/250 for 400 asa. I then set the f stop and shutter speed on the camera and then adjust the asa dial until the meter needles line up. Works like a charm. Typically the asa ends up being set to 1/2 of the rated asa. ie 400 asa film is dialed in at 200 asa on the camera. ymmv.
Great idea. I don't think I'll do it, although I like things like this. I have a feeling that when I change films, I'd forget sometimes, and underexpose everything. If I only used one film/developer combination, it would be great, but I not only change films, but developers too. So, the fewer other things I need to remember the better.