Shot last week. 120 FP4 shot with a Pentax 67 with 135 macro. processed in pyrocat 8min 15 sec at 68F.This is a negative scan. I'll print it this weekend on Fomatone and tone in Nelson's.

The background was made using the venetian plaster paint available in HD or Lowes. The prop was found at a local flee market.

Main light was a large beat up Larson umbrella that I got on ebay for about $25. I filled with a strip light that I filtered through a blind. I also uses a strip light to fill the shadow side of the background.
I shot a lot of 8x10 of this model and set as well, so I used a lot of power. Main light was 1800 watts, fill was 400 watts. The umbrella did a remarkable job of wrapping light, so I needed just a little fill on the model.

I'm still editing through the negatives, 13 rolls of 70mm and 18 8x10s. This image kind of rose to the top after an initial edit pass.