Hi All!

I picked up a bunch of surplus darkroom equipment this year, and amongst the trays, tanks, plumbing stuff, film reels, and so on, were a few items I do not know how to use... Wonder if anyone might offer some advice?

There's a Kodak Ektamatic Processor that looks like it will hand paper up to about 14 inches wide. Is this thing useful? I have always done my work in a regular tray setup, and am not familiar with this piece of equipment at all. It came with no instructions.

Also in the pile is a Kodak Ektaflex Printmaker Model 8. Is this also a processor? Is it worth hanging onto? Again, no instructions came with this.

There is also a Kostiner Archival Print Washer in the pile. I'm pretty excited about this piece of equipment, but have never used one. There seems to be only a single hookup for water at the bottom. Does a washer like this just sit in the darkroom sink, and spill over the edges? Any tips about properly using this would be appreciated.

For $75US, I got all the above, plus a few counters, a big pile of drying racks, A Beseler 45MX enlarger that matches one I already had, but also includes a dichro color head in addition to the condenser head plus some lenses, a 16x20 Saunders Easel, some Jobo drums, filmwashers, a Durst film drying cabinet, and more... Best 75 bucks I've spent in a long time!

Any advice on the Ektamatic, the Ektaflex, and the Kostiner print washer would be appreciated...

Thanks so much,