re: M5s. I have a funny story. I walk in to Samy's Camera in L.A. It's the biggest camera store in these parts. I go up to the Leica area to get a lens cap for my IIIc. There is a used M5 sitting there. I ask to see it. The salesperson says: "Why? It is a useless camera." I laughed in his face and said "Cameras aren't useless. Only photographers." To his credit, he lightened up and let me see the camera.

Personally, I think the M5 would be a very useful camera for much of what I shoot. I just don't understand why, since they are so "hated", that they cost more than an M2, M3, or M4, which people rave about.

Congrats on your camera. Use it and use it well (so I am not proven wrong by the weirdo salesperson at Samy's!)