Hello all, a few words of intro. I now live near Paris France, but I have spent many enjoyable years away from my home country, in Ireland (Galway) in the early seventies, and more recently in England (Oxford) , and in Portland, Oregon. By now you figured I am not exactly fresh out of high school. I started photography in the late 60's at my high school lab, Minolta SRT 101, upgraded to a Leica M5 around '73 that cost me all my meager savings (I still have it), briefly got a Nikon F3, then sold it and bought a Leica M6. Still have that one too. Because of my many moves my little B&W lab (Durst M601) had been gathering dust in an attic since the early 1990's. Then I went digital, easy and convenient. A few weeks ago I started to feel real bad about my two Leicas sitting in a drawer for years talking to each other, and I started to shoot them again. Consequently I felt I needed to get back into developping my B&W films. Next step I had to do my own enlarging and I could not resist a good deal on a Focomat V35, I should get it soon. Now I have to re learn what I have not practiced in many years, so here I am.
I just bought a scanner and started to post some of my old pictures on my web site, here's a link to a few I shot in Ireland in 1973/1974, when I was diving for sea urchins.

Cheers, Patrick