Officially - to my group, I ran into some trouble with my house, it needed a new bathroom, as the toilet broke in the other. When I went to replace the toilet I took the old one out and the floor came with it. So I tore it all out, and now after re-doing all of the plumbing, putting up new insulation, refinishing my bath tub, new wall board, stone and tile, I have a functioning bathroom again. Then I had vacation planned for two weeks, and it's not until today that I'm returning to the darkroom to make the prints for the trade. I expect to have something to mail out by the end of next week.

Thank you very much for your patience with me, I appreciate it. You guys have been very generous.

Dietmar, I have not received a print from you yet. Did it reach the other folks in my group? I'm wondering if it got lost in transit somehow??

- Thomas