If by M7 alternative, you mean A-priority AE, then Zeiss Ikon. But the Bessas are very nice cameras as well - just be aware that they have slightly shortish effective baselengths and louder shutter and no 28mm frames (the R4 does, but it's a specialized wideangle camera).

If however, the AE isn't a big deal - the other used Ms come into play. M6 if you need metering, M4-P if you can live without. M4-2 or earlier if you don't need wider than 35 and so forth - the differences between the models are slim.

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and the M8 isn't even a M series camera it is a point and shoot as far as I'm concerned.
All of the reasons you give doesn't make it a point and shoot. It is a digital rangefinder, like the Epson R-D1 - perhaps a very expensive one and not worth the price, but that is a different issue.