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Note the weasel words "may" and "if eligible" in

You may get 20% off with PayPal if eligible.

This also means you may get NOTHING, 1%, 3% or possibly a sharp stick in the eye.
As you go through the process it tells you how much your cashback amount will be - in both dollars and percent (20%). It informs you of these amounts when you click on the "Buy It Now" link, when you confirm your purchase and when you pay with PayPal (a requirement). To be eligible, you must follow the rules. If you don't follow the rules, you won't see the cahsback banner on the eBay pages and they won't inform you every step of the way how much you will be getting in your cachback rebate.

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Did you actually receive the 20% from your film purchase or just simply the promise to have the 20% sent to you at some unspecified future date?
No, I have not received the cashback yet as I only made my purchase two days ago. As I stated in my original post, it takes 60 days from the date of the purchase before the actual rebate funds are available. What I did receive was a confirmation email and a $234.00 (20% of my $1170 purchase price) pending credit in my Microsoft Cashback account. As of right now, it tells me I have 58 days until my funds will be available on September 10, 2008. BTW, the funds don't appear immediately in your Microsoft Cashback account. It takes a day or two for them to process your purchase before the amount shows up in your Cashback account.

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As I read the terms and agreements it seems, as it does with most rebate programs, that they make no solid promise to pay. Just to do their "best" to get you your money. And with Microsoft, doing their best isn't all its cracked up to be.
I am not affiated with Microsoft in any way. This is their cashback program, not mine. I had not even heard of the Live Search Cashback program until one of my customers asked me to list a fixed price "auction" for her on eBay so she could take advantage of this program. I have since had additional customers request the same. Since others are taking advantage of this program to purchase Feisol tripods from Really Big Cameras, I thought I'd offer that option to APUG members. If you don't trust Microsoft to honor the cashback rebates, I'd be happy to sell you a Feisol tripod at my regular rates (which are $10 less than my eBay listings).

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That said, I hope this does work and I'm going to start looking for the little magic icon in auctions!
The only way to get the green Cashback banner to appear is to arrive at the Eaby site by clicking on a link resulting from a Microsoft Live search. Once you do that, the little green Cashback banner will appear - for the next 60 minutes. Only "Buy It Now" purchases are eligible, and you must pay with a PayPal account. There is an upper limit of $250 cashback per transaction. Some items aren't eligible (purchases of automobiles through eBay motors, for example). A listing of those exclusions are available on the PayPal website at:


Again this is Microsoft's program, not mine. I'm not trying to force anyone to use this program, I'm just creating eBay listings that qualify for those who would like to take advantage of this offer from Microsoft. Frankly it's more work for me, and I make less per sale due to eBay fees. I hadn't intended to sell on eBay for these very reasons, but after having multiple requests from customers for fixed price "Buy It Now" listings on eBay, I decided to make it an option.

I'm also happy that I will be getting a 20% rebate on some very expensive film purchases.

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