There have been several threads over the last few years where people have asked for a recommendation for camera repairers in the UK. So I thought Iíd start a thread giving people the opportunity to post their experience of repairers. As some repairers seem to be particularly gifted at particular cameras I thought it would be a good idea if we listed the cameras that we have had repaired, by whom, and how good a job was done. In this way we should be able to build a decent list of repairs in the UK.

Iíll get the ball rollingÖ

Newton Ellis

WEB: -
Phone: - 0151 236 1391
Address: - 29 Cheapside Liverpool L2 2DY UK

Cameras repaired

Adox Golf 6 x 6 Folder

Work carried out: - Rangefinder cleaned and adjusted, compur shutter cleaned and serviced.

Notes: The viewfinder came back bright, clear and very accurate. The self timer works and all the speeds work perfectly. Iím extremely happy.

Canon A1, AE-1, AE-1 Program

Iíve had a really good experience here, Iíve had several cameras serviced and they come back feeling great, all the meters agree and the shutters are appear pretty consistent. If you get the seals & mirror buffer replaced the camera sounds so much better as they put in the new high density variety.

Malcolm Taylor

Phone: - 01568 770 542
Address: - Upper Lye Farm, Aymestrey, Hereford, HR6 9SZ

Cameras repaired

Leica M2

Work Carried Out: - Complete service and button rewind fix


I originally sent Malcolm this camera as I was accidentally depressing the button rewind whilst winding on: this was resulting in overlapped frames. Whilst it was there I asked Malcolm to service the camera as well. This resulted in a new shutter blind, a new brake as well a complete strip down, clean and adjust. Malcolm said the button rewind was a known problem without a standard fix. However, he offered to engineer a collar to fit around the button. This he did and Iím very impressed as I no longer get overlapping frames and the collar does not look out of place. As to the service, what can I say my M3 will be on its way to Malcolm shortly.