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So nice.

I have to tell y'all, I am rolling off a bear of a month or so. Here is what needs to be done...

geauxpez takes the shot, forwards it on to foxiescootie...

I need to review all pm messages sent, make sure hkr can receive the camera (he has changed his name), then the camera will be back here by the middle of august. Don't hurry, I won't be around the last couple weeks of July.


The timing works out perfect for me as well. I am currently on a cross-country road & shooting trip (L.A. to NYC) and am flying back to California on August 1st. I can receive the camera anytime after that. I then have about a two month window until I move back east permanently, so please reach me on the forum here or by email to confirm the address to send it to me before it is mailed out. My email is my full name as it is listed here at yahoo dot com.

Thanks to all, and especially Tim. Looks like we are going to make it!!


Shawn Rahman (formerly hkr)