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Hello, I need to print a very thin pyro developed neg and it is too muddy when printed on a grade 4 or ilford multigrade... So, the question is, does anyone make a grade 5 fiber based paper anymore and where can I buy it?
You could try a twobath. I did some tests recentlly and this seems just the right application for it. Develope in a developer which preferently brings in the deep tones like Moersch Catechol or Agfa 120 (pyro/hydrochinon, no metol/phenidon) until they are nearly ok and change to a softworking developer to finish the higlights. Start with a higher dilution of the soft one. If you have a print with reasonable dark tones but muddy highlights you could bleach and redevelope it in a hardworking developer as above. This will change the tone, though, and may get quite brownish/red. I was able to get quite a remarkable increase in contrast this way. Unfortunately I was trying to achieve the opposite. Lesson learned.

Formulas for starters are here http://www.jackspcs.com/wtr.htm but you can as well use Moersch Catechol as the first bath and Neutol WA, Selectol Soft, etc. as the second and take the bleach from a Sepia Toner.

Both are easy to do and straight forward methods. I recommend you try it.

best of luck