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You could try a twobath. I did some tests recentlly and this seems just the right application for it. Develope in a developer which preferently brings in the deep tones like Moersch Catechol or Agfa 120 (pyro/hydrochinon, no metol/phenidon) until they are nearly ok and change to a softworking developer to finish the higlights. Start with a higher dilution of the soft one. If you have a print with reasonable dark tones but muddy highlights you could bleach and redevelope it in a hardworking developer as above. This will change the tone, though, and may get quite brownish/red. I was able to get quite a remarkable increase in contrast this way. Unfortunately I was trying to achieve the opposite. Lesson learned.

Formulas for starters are here http://www.jackspcs.com/wtr.htm but you can as well use Moersch Catechol as the first bath and Neutol WA, Selectol Soft, etc. as the second and take the bleach from a Sepia Toner.

Both are easy to do and straight forward methods. I recommend you try it.

best of luck

Les McLean also goes into great detail about this in his book. You missed his workshop here in the bay area last Nov. He will be in the Dallas area this Nov. teaching them exactly this kind of thing. If you are able to go, I would highly suggest attending his workshop.