This is a variant of Beutler, I made for Rollei Superpan 200 to get gritty and grainy pictures, therefore GD - Grain Developer.
It will work with other filmes too

10 g Metol
50 g Sodium Sulfite
Water to make 1000ml

43 g Potassium Carbonate
6.0 g Sodium Hydroxide
Water to make 1000ml

Mix the two stock solutions. Be careful when you mix the Sodium Hydroxide into the cold water.

Working solution: 50ml A + 50 ml B + 400 ml Water
Suggested develope time for Rollei Superpan 200 - 18m00s @ 20 degree Celcius
Agitation: Constant the first 30 sec. then 10 sec., every minute the first 3 minutes thereafter 10sec. every 3rd minute.