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I object to the Bessa being referred to as 'cheap and cheerful'!!! It's certainly not 'cheap' - around 400 for a R2a - and it's not cheerful - the R2A has a very solid, metal body and does everything an M7 or Zeiss ZM does. It's all about what you put on the front of it.
You hit the nail on the head- it is all about the glass and if one is going to buy budget glass then don't couple it to a Leica M camera, you are wasting your money. There is nothing at all wrong with Voigtlander bodies and optics, what are the alternatives for someone buying into rangefinder on a budget?

I think, from what you feel you require, I would look for a mint condition SLR- Nikon FM3a and stick some good Nikkor glass onto it. it is about the same size but lighter than an M7 and, unlike Voigtlander, you will not loose on your investment