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Is it definitely the new TMY-2 film or existing stock of the older 400TMY film? The price is much cheaper than Jessops. The colour of the film leader on the new version is black instead of grey as on the older film.
Yes Keith, definately the new stock. I emailed both 7day and Mailshots.uk, who incidentally are selling the film for 2.59. Mailshots didn't return my email so I ordered 10 rolls of 35mm from 7day's. If you look at both their sites you will see the new box which has green writing on the side.

As far as film pricing goes, I don't see that the price it is being sold at as cheap, only that FirstCall are way over the top with there pricing. But then, someone has got to pay for all that Ilford 10 x 8 RC that they knock out at discount prices, hav'nt they!!!

Just for info, I developed mine in Thorntons two bath with his standard 'B' bath for 4 mins in each bath at 24 degrees. Personally I would take that down to 3.5 mins or adjust the 'B' bath, as I found the film just that little too contrasty for my liking. As for sharpness. Yes, very, though I have nothing to compare to as I have been anti- Kodak from day one.