I had always used VC fiber papers, Ilford, Agfa, and Forte Polywarmtone among them. I recently gave Forte Fortezo a try, in grade 3 glossy. It's wonderful stuff, and I doubt I'll go back to VC papers. Apparently, you can vary the grade a bit by diluting your developer, playing with developing times, etc. So far, I haven't had to. If your negatives are properly exposed and developed, you may find that you can use grade 3 and never look back.

With VC paper, I found that I had to nail the exposure and print controls dead on to get a usable print. With Fortezo, I may try 3 different times (I've given up on test strips, I hate 'em) and get a light, medium, and dark print, but all perfectly viewable prints. In fact, as far as print sales go, I've found that customers like a choice of a couple of different expressions of the prints. YMMV.