You are in AZ now and distance takes on a different meaning. Driving a couple of hours means nothing, not to mention that you get out of that heatsink you live in and experieince the not so always sunny parts of AZ. I'm in Ganado which is on the Navajo reservation.

Hit the Mogollon Rim. Tis time of year means fall color galore. You would also get fall color in Flagstaff though the peak may have already hit.

For big buildings go to downtown phoenix or to Tucson for smaller barrio buildings. Tucson is a happening place for photography. San Xavier, tangue verdi canyon, Sabino canyon, Mount Lemon.

Globe, as Aggie said is neat. There is also Payson, and Prescott. I find sedona sucky too many new age freaks building medicine wheels where they get in the way. But that is my Opinion.

Take a long weekend to get out and explore. If you can't get a long weekend right now go to the library and find the numerous Photo books on AZ and browse making a list of the areas you want to explore. If you are coming up to Canyon De Chelly drop me a line and I'll show you around the area.